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I saw this idea several years ago and knew right then and there that I wanted to do this. Took a few years (had to get through pregnancy and Silas’s first year!) but it finally happened! Our family LOVES camping. There really is nothing like sitting together around the warmth of a fire, away from the pressures of everyday life, responsibilities and problems. When you are beside each other in the glow of the flames, surrounded by nature and breathing deep breaths of fresh air, there’s a sense of peace that comes. Of course for our mini sessions we only had 20 minutes per family so I’m not sure if I achieved PEACE… ha! But I know we definitely had some fun. How can you not when you’re snuggled up together and marshmallows are involved?? Those marshmallows were very popular! I almost think I should bring marshmallows to every session! Thank you so much to the beautiful families that came out to enjoy a campfire with me. 
Amanda Gregor Photography Campfire Mini Sessions Family Photographer Vancouver BC_0293
PINIMAGEAmanda Gregor Photography Campfire Mini Sessions Family Photographer Vancouver BC_0294PINIMAGEAmanda Gregor Photography Campfire Mini Sessions Family Photographer Vancouver BC_0295PINIMAGEAmanda Gregor Photography Campfire Mini Sessions Family Photographer Vancouver BC_0296PINIMAGEAmanda Gregor Photography Campfire Mini Sessions Family Photographer Vancouver BC_0297PINIMAGEAmanda Gregor Photography Campfire Mini Sessions Family Photographer Vancouver BC_0298PINIMAGE

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This page has been SLEEPY! Or maybe that was just me? I almost have a toddler on my hands now (Silas is not quite walking yet but SOON) and I tell ya, life has been busy. I am not sure I could possibly blog all that I have done in the last year and a half or so but today’s post is all about the squishy newborns. Why? Because now that I have a studio it’s all I can think about! I need to get my baby snuggles in, so I started looking back on a few that I’m not sure I shared yet. I mean some of these littles are growing up SO FAST and are not even babies anymore. (Let’s make this a “way back Wednesday” post for those??) I am so excited to get to spoil my clients in the new studio and give them adorable photos like these. Know someone pregnant? Send them my way!! I am in the process of a bit of a restructure now that I have studio costs so booking now ensures locking in current pricing (email me – we’ll chat!) Enjoy these tiny little humans! 

Amanda Gregor Photography Newborn Baby Photographer Maple Ridge BC_0284PINIMAGE Amanda Gregor Photography Newborn Baby Photographer Maple Ridge BC_0285PINIMAGE Amanda Gregor Photography Newborn Baby Photographer Maple Ridge BC_0286PINIMAGE

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Are you like me? I probably spend more time than I care to admit on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook… social media sites that show the “perfect” lives of other people. With their happy children, their perfect houses, always tidy and bright and clean. Then I put down the phone and behind it I see piles of laundry waiting to be folded. Toys left on the floor and up the stairs, strewn about, left on the floor as the scene of a 5 year old’s imagination shifted to something new. It’s overwhelming. Sometimes I just don’t know where to start in my own house so I retreat back to the perfect and proper world of Pinterest. Hiding from my own messes.

I realize it’s impractical at this stage of my life to be seeking perfection. Impossible actually. And I also know that those “perfect” lives online are anything but perfect. But as I look around my own house I can hear the whisper of “less”. …Less. Our world is so preoccupied with MORE, and I know I get caught up in that too, so how does one achieve LESS?

When I’m on Pinterest, I’m always drawn to the minimalist posts. The decor, the jewelry, the capsule wardrobes (which I’ve done before and will be doing again as I shed these baby pounds! Let me know if you’re interested in posts about that too!) – I love minimalism. But how on earth can I implement minimalism in my own home when we have SO.MUCH.STUFF. My house is like the opposite of minimalism. It’s not quite a hoarders house, but it’s definitely NOT minimal. (I’ve totally watched Hoarders and felt so much better about my house, ha!)

It’s easy to sit here and say “just get rid of things” but as soon as I start I’m plagued with the Second Thoughts. You know the ones. The ones that tell you that thing is too special to get rid of. Too valuable to just give away, “you could make money!” or you “might need it one day” … but if it’s not being used NOW why do I hang onto it? For me personally, too much clutter creates clutter in my mind. I can’t focus. A cluttered life leaves no time for God or my family and so here I find myself craving space.

The beginning of a new school year, a new season, I find myself setting goals and deciding what I want. I want to breathe easy in my home, to enjoy my children within my home, I want less laundry (yeah right you say. I can hear the chorus of laughter now – but a girl can dream, can’t she?) so I am beginning a journey towards a more simplistic life wherever possible. I know it won’t happen overnight but little by little I hope to take steps towards minimalism.

“Beware! Guard against every kind of greed. Life is not measured by how much you own.” Luke 12:15

Do you struggle with this? Or are you already living a minimalist life? Let me know in the comments any tips or tricks, or even what you struggle with! I’m hoping to update the blog with areas that I conquer along the way!

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  • Candice - This. I too have been having the same thoughts while I sit at home on maternity leave. I think it’s just that much more in my face now that I am not at work lol. Going through and purging things is a big todo on my list as well while I am off….hopefully I can actually cross that off my list!ReplyCancel

  • Kathleen - LOVE this! While in university I came across this quote by William Morris which has guided quite a bit of my purging: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” I love that it pushes me to think of an actual use for the stuff and gives me the freedom to define what is beautiful…not just okay but beautiful. I try to purge clothes and toys twice a year and have one memory book for the unending projects the kids bring home from school. However all those lovely intentions aside we still have a basement full of toys and constantly overflowing laundry baskets. Definitely a stage, friend.ReplyCancel

WE DID IT! Mamas, we survived Kindergarten orientation. 2 weeks of an hour here, a half day there… We’re finally full time Kindergarteners now! The twins ended up in a Kindergarten/Grade 1 split, which was not my preference but unless something drastic happens this is what we’re dealing with. I’m sure since my children are geniuses really adaptable, they will be just fine.
I was saying as this “gradual entry” process was happening that it felt like it was just as much for me as it was for my kidlets. I had to gradually get used to the fact that my little babies – these two littles that made me a mama – are growing up. Try as I might, I just can’t slow down or stop time. I did “gradually” stop crying at drop off. ha! Anyone with me? amanda-gregor-photography-mission-abbotsford-fraser-valley-family-lifestyle-photographer_0239PINIMAGE

We’re adjusting at home too – Silas seems much better now that I’m off dairy. Anyone else do this? It seems like a common issue… I do plan on bringing my dairy sacrifices up when he’s complaining about something as a teen. “Hey – Remember that time I gave up CHEESE FOR YOU??” Yeah kid. You know it’s love when… But really, I’m happy that it seems to help him. It makes his awake time so much more pleasant! He’s starting to smile socially and when he looks at us he’s really looking intently. He’s been trying to find his voice and the little sounds he makes are so sweet. I’m loving getting to know him.



Ok so I just wanted to share some of my favourite things that have been getting us through these last days of summer, first days of school, early days of baby.

Puj tub – this thing is GENIUS I tell you, genius! It fits in any sink, including the little bathroom one. We have the Puj Flyte, which is small enough to fit in a suitcase (and will be perfect for our trip soon!) And Silas just settles in and makes this face:


Bebe de Luxe Coconut and Oat Milk Bath – I love to shop local and this is made right here in the Lower Mainland.  It’s made with all natural ingredients and no yuckies or secret scary chemicals to put on his body. I’ve heard you can actually make this into a paste to help skin issues like cradle cap etc, so I’m going to try that this week! And once I get the all clear to have a bath (I’m not sure when I’m allowed one after a C-Section??) I’m so using some of it for me too.


This trampoline! HUGE FAVE around here. Even when it’s been not so nice out, as soon as I mention the trampoline these two go running. … and jumping. It’s just a small one but it’s perfect for our small backyard. And perfect for my super-energetic children. Melting down inside? Go jump on the trampoline. Kids fighting with each other? Go jump on the trampoline. You’re hungry? Go jump on the trampoline. (That one doesn’t last as long, ha!) They absolutely LOVE it. We hadn’t given them a birthday present this year (we really didn’t want to get gifts just because we felt obliged to, so we waited until we could think of something substantial or more worth our money) so we said this trampoline is partially their birthday present, and partially a “big sibling” present. It’s worth every cent.


This artwork by my friend Tori. She started hand lettering a while back, got really good at it and I fell in love with her work! When I saw this one she posted I knew we had to have it – I say this to my littles all the time. I ordered two and I *will* hang them on their walls. I will. (Gonna play the newborn card here. Decor got put on the backburner a little!)


My nursing bracelet has become as much of a necessity as my phone these days! My brain does NOT work right now. Sleep deprivation will do that to you I guess. Do you think I can remember which side I fed Silas on last? Nope. Not at all. Enter DearLovesCo. and their super-pretty-but-also-totally-functional bracelets. They’re made with a soft elastic so you can switch wrists to remember where you left off feeding. I may or may not have two of them and even want another… #noshame
They are also a local company and my friend Julie who makes them is also a super talented photographer. She took our lifestyle newborn photos here at home and I am absolutely in love with them!


Ahhh crafting. I’m feeling the pull, the draw towards creativity again. Usually photography is my go-to creative outlet, and it will always be, but I used to be really into jewelry making as well as sewing and some other fun crafty activities. I find myself dreaming up ideas and craving the peace that comes with working on a project and creating something beautiful. I’m hoping to set aside a little bit of time during the day while the biggest littles are at school when I can play again. I’ll be sure to share what I make here 🙂


So Happy Friday friends! (though by the time I post this it may be Saturday. You can’t win them all…) How did you survive the first weeks of school? Drop me a note in the comments, would love to hear from you!

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